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2003 Foals

Above photos as 12 hours old



Born at 10:45 pm on Sunday, March 16, 2003, the first foal of the year was BF Jet Fyre, a gorgeous black colt by Fyre One out of Darq Velvet.  A nice stallion prospect.

Above at 3 years


Above at 1 day old
Below at 3 weeks old


Born at 5:30 pm on Friday, April 4, 2003, this lovely chestnut overo filly, to be named "Spectaculare" and called "Splash" is by the Oldenburg stallion, Spectum, and out of our pinto mare, Drifter.  Her owner, Shelli, is ecstatic!  So are we!

Above at 2 yrs winning at Proud Meadows


Below at 5 days old


Born at 3:00 am Sunday, April 13, 2003, meet Macarns Applause, a few spot Knabstrupper colt by Apollon and out of Gypsy Queen.  What an awesome colt!  His coloring is indicative that he is homozygous for the Knabstrupper spotted coloring, so he should produce color every time he is bred - even to solid colored mares!  He will be for sale, so if you are interested in starting up a good Knabstrupper sporthorse breeding program, you should snap him up!


Above at 4 months.

Photos above at 2 days old
Below at 3 weeks old - he's HUGE!


Born at 5:30 pm on April 17, 2003, meet Waps Moonshine, a black snowcap colt by Wapspotted. His dam was purchased in foal to Wapspotted to add to the Knabstrupper breeding program and we were hoping for a filly colored JUST like this! He has sold to a breeding home in Virginia


Above at 3 years


Photos above at 5 hours old



Yippee!  A filly!  Meet Macarns Standing Ovation, a black-based few spot Knabstrupper filly by Apollon and out of Dear Abby. She was born about 1:30 pm on Friday, April 25, 2003.   She is just adoreable!  NOT for sale!  

Above at 4 months. She is stunning!

Photo above at 5 hours old
Below at 3 weeks



Meet Macarns All that Jazz, a loud chestnut leopard Knabstrupper filly by Apollon and out of Joker Jill.  She was born around 3:00 am on Saturday, April 26, 2003.  Not fully unfolded in the first pics to the left, but she is large and beatiful and is NOT for sale! 

Above at 5 years. We've started calling her "Freckles."

Photos above at 32 hours old
Below at 3 weeks




At 1:20 am on May 1, 2003 Saturn's Diamond gave us BF Saturn Fyre, another darling bay colt by Fyre One.  Tall & strong, he is just a hunk.  I can't wait to see this one under saddle.

Above at 3 years

Photos above at 12 hours old


Jolie gave birth to My Ladys Mercedes, a darling black filly at 10:15 pm on May 14, 2003.  This filly is by Fyre One and was a special order for the owner of Fyre and Jolie's last foal, full sibling BF Saffyre who took the Pinto World Show by storm a couple of years ago.  This one did not get the pinto coloring, but owner, Shannon says not to worry, she'll show her in the half-Arabian shows and kick tail!  

Above at 6 weeks.



Photos above at 4 days old




Just four hours after Jolie gave us a filly, Galieb gave birth at 2:15 am on May 14, 2003 to a strapping black colt by Wuemmestern.  Galieb was brought to us to foal out and will be going home soon.  We'll miss them both.  I am told that this boy MIGHT be named Famous Amos.

Photos above at 12 hours old
Below at 10 days old



At 8:30 pm on Monday, May 19, 2003, Dia Castagnia gave us a whopping black colt by Sunny Boy.  We will name him Solaris.  Then, 5 days later, his dam passed away, leaving us with our little bucket baby. We are calling him "Solo."  He is a hunk and is doing very well.  Velvet is allowing him to nurse a couple of times a day and we are supplementing with milk replacer. He is being raised by a 9 hand pony mare named "Promise" and she is teaching him well. We are considering keeping him as a stallion prospect (incredible bloodlines and his sire, Sunny Boy, is the talk of Europe right now).  See Solaris' Page here.

Above at his inspection at 4 months with his foster mom, Wallstreet.

Above at 2 years old


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