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Below are some of my favorite links related to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and dogs in general.
Some really good articles and information can be found through these links.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Houston


Regional club for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the Houston area - and for most of Texas.  They also host the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Specialty Shows in the area. Good information about the breed and lots of fun events and activities.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA


The parent club for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


The original registry for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in the United States. Founded in 1954 - long before the breed was officially recognized by the AKC. Lots of great information about the breed here.
Puppy Timeline - How to Turn Your Puppy into a Great Adult This is a great article put together by the Airedale Terriers association.  It tells you what to do and what to expect from before the puppy arrives and until it is a year old. Covers housebreaking, feeding and socialization.  Written for people getting an Airedale, but it is a must read for anyone getting a puppy.
Thoughts on Buying a Puppy


Written by the Nebraska Airedale Terrier Association. Although written specifically for people considering an Airedale, this article has some wonderful information for anyone considering getting a puppy of any breed.
How to Love Your Dog


'How to Love Your Dog' is a fun and interactive website for kids (and adults!) who love dogs. The site is based on thematic curricula designed and developed by Janet Wall, a teacher for 23 years, originally for use in the elementary grades. The content has been expanded to include secondary grade levels. This site features over 90 topics and 300 pages. The focus is on kindness, commitment, respect, and responsible dog care. Lots of fun articles, videos, how to teach tricks, etc.


Pet Proofing Your Home and Yard Make sure your home and yard is a safe place for your pet. 


Plants that are Toxic to Dogs This list from the ASPCA will help you make sure that your yard does not contain plants that are toxic to dogs.



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