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Here are what some of those with Cavaliers from Sonesta have to say:


"We got our amazing and wonderful Cavalier from Sonesta Cavaliers in 2007.  We named her Chloe and she is the happiest, playful, and loving dog we have ever owned.  A lot of that has to do with how they are raised as puppies and the care that is given to them in the early days.  Rebecca is very knowledgeable about Cavaliers and knows how to raise them and breed them, as she has been doing it for years.  She answered all our questions as prospective adoptive parents and made us feel at ease before we made the commitment to adopt Chloe.  She really takes care of her animals, makes sure they have all their vet visits before you pick her up, and the relationship doesn't just end after you pick up your bundle of joy.  Rebecca will take care of your Cavalier when you go out of town and need to board them.  This has been a savior to us, as we won't leave her in a general boarding/kennel.  Chloe loves to come back and visit and see her Mom/Dad and cousins, so it's a great place for her to vacation, while we vacation!  If you want to adopt a healthy Cavalier from a reputable breeder that really cares, then Sonesta Cavaliers is the way to go!"

Chris K of Houston, Texas                

UPDATE: Chris has added another Sonesta Cavalier to their home. Now Chloe has Kirby to keep her on her toes!

March 2011 Update: "Just wanted to say hello, as I haven’t talked to you in a while. Things are going well here. Chloe and Kirby are doing fabulous. They both have birthdays coming up next month! Chloe will be 4 and Kirby will be 2. They are just wonderful, happy dogs and have brought such joy to my life. Those two love each other so much and are not only have siblings, but best friends."





"Isabella (Bella girl) has become such a wonderful part of our family.  We originally got her for our four-year-old daughter, but she is now considered a pet and playmate for all of the children in the neighborhood.  Now, when the neighbor kids come to the door they ask if Emily AND Bella can come out to play.  You would think that Bella is a retriever because she plays “fetch” like a professional!  In addition to her lively personality she has been very easy to housetrain and her temperament is so sweet and easygoing.  Most importantly, Bella is the picture of health.  She is such an integral part of our family and we are so happy to have found her thanks to Rebecca and Sonesta Farms Cavaliers."

Jennifer Deaton of Houston, Texas



"Hi Rebecca, Ramsey is doing GREAT!! He is a wonderful addition to our family. He's healthy, playful, and extremely social. Sometimes he's just too social, he wants to say "hi" to everyone in the neighborhood. I thought he would have been my dog, but in all reality, he turns out to be my son Jace's dog. They play together all the time. Ramsey only wants to sit with me when the kids are asleep. This picture was taken yesterday, I guess he was tired of walking and wanted to ride instead. For being such a small dog, he can sure play hard with all the kids and keep up with me on some of my long walks or even a short jog around the neighborhood. He is a joy to have, thank you again for allowing us to adopt one of your puppies. When my retriever passes, I know I will have to get Ramsey another friend, and I would love to have another Cav from you."

Kari Clark of Fort Wainwright, Alaska





"We couldn't imagine our life without Maggie. She is everything we'd hoped for - loving, gentle, easy to train, good with children, and very healthy. Our vet regularly comments on what a remarkable Cavalier she is.  Rebecca isn't just a breeder.  She's a surrogate grandmother who is always available to answer any questions - something us first-time puppy parents are very appreciative of.  "

Dax, Kara and Maggie Sanders of Calgary, Alberta





"Sonesta Avery is by Crockett and Ellie.   She is a wonderful companion, friendly to everyone she meets and friendly with all other dogs.  She can go anywhere with me: airplanes, hotels, dog parks, horse shows, hiking, beaches and in restaurants!  Her favorite place to be is simply with me!  She is welcome wherever we go because she is so friendly and well mannered.  I am often stopped on walks by people who want to pet her and ask about her.  Avery is healthy, happy and a joy to own."

Elizabeth Morrow of Plano, Texas





"We are so very happy with our precious canine kids, Sunny and Duke, brothers from the same litter, that we purchased from Sonesta Cavaliers. The guys are playful, healthy and unbelievably lovable to family and strangers alike. Their temperaments are sweet and easy going. Sunny and Duke like long walks with our two school aged sons as well as sitting on my husband's lap during football games. They are exceptionally loyal and follow me around the house all day long. When we go out of town, we only leave them with Rebecca at Sonesta Cavaliers. We have the peace of mind knowing she adores them as much as we do and will take excellent care of them. I'd recommend Sonesta Cavaliers to anyone looking for a healthy, happy Cavalier."

Donna Reinbolt of Houston, Texas


Let me say that our little bundle of joy just moved in and made his place as though he had always lived here. ... He is the fastest learner we have ever had. And he never forgets. He can do so much. ... We love him so much. It is such a pleasure to see how healthy he is and what a lovely gait he has. He gives me Eskimo kisses. We can't tell you how much we love him. He is a wonderful fellow and we consider ourselves very fortunate. Thank you, thank you.

Paul and Peggie Sandler of Upperco, Maryland

Cookie loves our new baby, Lily!  The other day when we let her out of her crate after we ran errands, she flew past John and I to greet Lily first who was still on the floor in her car seat...I guess we have moved down on the pack totem pole! Cavaliers are the best family dogs ever!

Courtney Kaler of Houston, Texas


"Piper turned one year old today! She is absolutely wonderful. Great personality and the picture of health. We couldn't have asked for a better fit for our family.  Surprisingly my old Himalayan cat has become very attached to Piper and the feelings are entirely reciprocated. Thank you again for taking your responsibilities as a breeder so seriously."

Kathryn Stephens of Killeen, TX


Cooper continues to be the best dog ever! We can't believe how good he is and how fast he learns!  He's still perfect on going potty outside and will sit every time you tell him to. He will come most of the time (unless something really smells good) and is learning "down".  He is also walking on the leash very well.  He is a rockstar and we can't get enough of him.

Mark & Macie Anghilante of Houston, Texas


"Strider is doing fantastic. He doesn't really belong to any one person in the family, it is more like we belong to him. He seems to have formed bonds with everyone in the house. He loves the Aussies "Breaker" and "Tex" and loves his Grandma Greyhound "Raven". He has brought so much joy to this house. I absolutely love this breed and I am sure that when we lose our beloved old Greyhound, we will be looking into another Cavalier. Even my husband adores this little guy. They love to cuddle and nap in his chair in the evenings. Keith comes in and says, "where's my boy?"    I can't thank you enough for allowing him into our lives!!!"

Marya Harrison of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania



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