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Eddo Hoekstra Clinic

March 4-6, 2016


Eddo Hoekstra


"This was my third Eddo clinic. I have had a great experience at all three. He give you exercises to take home by teaching them to you as you ride them. He is all about up and forward and getting the butt working first. Light and soft. I got two important things out of last weekend: don't try to control, create. And consistent communication is necessary to keep the horse from becoming bored and looking elsewhere for communication. If you haven't watched him or ridden with Eddo, I highly recommend it. And if you can get to Rebecca's, she is an awesome hostess. Her barns are very spacious and well kept. Her dogs are just bundles of soft fluffy puppyness. And her crew there are friendly and helpful. It was an awesome and fun weekend." 
         -- Darlene Howard, 1st Level Dressage


What the riders have to say about Eddo and the clinics:

"I think Eddo is the most positive and encouraging clinician I have ever ridden with. He stays focused, and keeps the riders and the horses relaxed. He is constantly giving the pieces of the puzzle of the final "movement" but he never drills the movement itself. The exercises are logical and lay the groundwork for the completed picture of a movement, be it half pass or canter pirouette. He cautions the rider not to stay in a movement or a gait for very long, thereby keeping the horse interested. Sometimes during a ride I might think to myself "I know this...why don't we go to something different?" Just about that time, my horse's back comes up underneath me and he becomes lighter in the forehand and magic seems to happen. When he gets you to that place you want to ride forever."   -- Merry Vickrey, USDF Silver Medalist

"I have been riding with Eddo for about 4 years, and each time I gain a greater understanding of the basic principles that were introduced in my first lesson. Eddo always focuses on the basics to achieve the more complex movements. He stresses that each ride should be a blend of lateral, forward, and collecting work. It is also very important for the horse to have "side-to-side" balance as well as "front-to-back" balance. When the horse is balanced, calm, and forward, then he can achieve great things, all through relaxation with no force! This kind of focused, gentle work is something that is always present in Eddo's lessons!"
     -- Laura White, 2nd Level Dressage

Auditor, Joy Alexander, wrote an article about one of our clinics with Eddo and it was published in The Chronicle of the Horse Magazine.  You can read it at:

About Eddo

Eddo Hoekstra has been a regular dressage clinician at Sonesta Farms for a number of years.  Most clinics fill rapidly and have a waiting list.  As seen above, he receives rave reviews from those who ride with him and almost everyone who audits one of his clinics jumps on the waiting list to ride with him. This guy really is that good!

Eddo is fully devoted to dressage as a sport and as an art. He has competed internationally at FEI and nationally at Grand Prix. Eddo has trained with renowned coaches such as Robert Dover (USA) and currently rides with Walter Zettl (Canada).  For those who try to clinic with Walter Zettl whenever possible, Walter (affectionately known as "WAZ") considers Eddo his clinician/trainer of choice for them between his clinics.

Other coaches that have a strong influence on his riding/training approach are Jan Kluijtmans (Holland), George Williams (USA), Anne Rawle (USA) and Rick Klaassen (Germany)

Because of his training approach he is a very sought after clinician in the United States, Canada and abroad. When at home at the HDI training facility in Peterborough, Eddo works with his students and their horses.

Riders at all levels and on all types, breeds and ages of horses benefit from Eddo's insights into creating a happy, forward, relaxed and willing horse. Riders will learn to work with their horses to form a partnership in the classical dance of dressage.

Eddo's auditor-friendly style makes it certain that auditors bring away from his clinics almost as much as the riders. Below are links to two short video clips giving you an idea of Eddo's teaching style. They are two consecutive 10 minutes (total 20 minutes) from one session - working with a training/first level horse and rider to get them the basis they will need for walk pirouettes, half-step trot in preparation for future piaffe/passage, walk/canter/walk in preparation (and finally accomplishing) a flying change.


Pictures from recent Eddo clinics at Sonesta Farms

Rides with Eddo are $165 each. Auditors are welcome.

For more info contact Rebecca Pennington at

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