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My how time flies!

Jillian, age7, & Charlotte, age 4

Jillian age 18, when she graduated from High School

Charlotte, age 16, when she was a junior in high school



I just can't get over how very quickly they have grown up.

UPDATE:  OMG!  See below. I am getting OLD!

And now, Jillian has GRADUATED from Yale University!  On May 25, 2008, Jillian graduated Cum Laude from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science Degree and a major in Evolutionary Biology.  In addition to graduating Cum Laude, she was Phi Beta Kappa and received Special Recognition in her major and received an award for Best Senior Research Project in her college (Ezra Stiles).

She wants to continue her education at Cambridge University in England. Gulp!



Charlotte in her Senior picture. She in now off in college at Sam Houston State University and where she is performing beautifully and will graduate soon!


Husband, Jim, and his wonderful German Shepherd dog, Zasha, that on the day this pic was made had just obtained her certification as a Cadaver Search Dog.  Depending upon the day, Zasha is known to us as "Z", "Princess Z" or, sometimes, "Hell Hound."



Here is a picture of Zasha's friend, Lilly, aged now 14.  Theirs is a love/hate relationship

Daughter Jillian (on the ground) with her friend, Virginia, wallowing in the mud. I tried to tell them there was probably more than just mud in there, but they were unconcerned. They were banished to the wash rack to clean off afterwards.

Daughter Charlotte on her "unicorn." He was a 22 year old Arabian gelding named "Majestic Storm" that we called the "Magic Pony." Magic went on to cross the Rainbow Bridge on December 22, 1999. We will always miss him.

Jillian & Charlotte in the pony cart being pulled by Charlotte's hunter pony, Faerie Princess.  Princess is now a riding therapy horse with S.I.R.E. taking handicapped children for rides on her back and in her cart.

Husband Jim with Jillian, Charlotte and Trudy in front of the Christmas tree in 1998. Notice the live cockatiels on the tree? They are Buckwheat and Gumbo, and they thought the Christmas tree was too cool.


Charlotte jumping Majestic.

Jillian jumping Jolie.

Friend Caroline after having her leg broken assisting in the stitching up of a foal with a cut on his leg. She was a real trouper. Here she is being hauled out to the dressage arena by Lucio so she can watch lessons. We love her. 

Our cockatiels, Gumbo & Buckwheat, sitting in our Christmas tree. They are real characters.

Did I say that Buckwheat thinks he is a dentist? He loves to clean teeth!

Charlotte & Majestic always did love each other.

Charlotte & Jillian learned early how to clean stalls, but I don't think they've done it since this photo was made!

Don't know exactly why, but I just love this photo of the girls when they were so young and darling.

The girls in the stocks at the Renaissance Festival (no, we don't have stocks at home) -- where they belong a lot of the time!!!!

Okay, here's one of me on my wonderful Appaloosa gelding, Modern Jazz. This guy could do it all: western pleasure, reining, work cows, dressage, showjumping, eventing, trail riding and lesson horse. We retired him finally at age 22. After living the good life in a pasture with his own herd of mares for over a year (we never told him he wasn’t a stallion), Jazz passed away in the summer of 2000. I miss him every day.

Charlotte jumping Armani.

Charlotte NOT jumping Armani.

Jillian jumping Whiskey. 

Jillian and Whiskey at their 1st "A" show together.  What a pair!


Charlotte showing All That Glitters in dressage.  Charlotte was 12 and Glitter was just 3.  First dressage show for both of them!

Landomir jumping at 1 month old. Genes will tell!
He went on to become the Hanoverian registry's horse of the year in 2007 for Eventing!

Riding student, Jennifer, at her first dressage show (she thought it was a RODEO!).

Me and Diende


Love at first site - Solo discovers human babies!

Me and Trudy in the bluebonnets

Jillian and BF Fyres Angyl. Jillian started this horse under saddle all by herself!

Charlotte competing on Fairy Princess at their first Eventing show.
Pictures from our September, 2006, trip to the Great Bear Rainforest in the Vancouver Islands to watch the grizzly bears catch salmon from the rivers. It was a wonderful experience.

Chilling out between classes

Moulin Rouge on the cover of Equus Magazine!


  Lottie pretending to be a mommy to Ginger's 4 week old puppies. She was so cute letting them try to nurse.
Charlotte's least favorite hunter round!
Our 2005 trip to Utila in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. The shot on the far right is the actual airport in Utila where we were waiting for our 7:00 am flight!

Charlotte & I riding an elephant.

Stephanie and Kathleen with their Christmas ponies.

My mom and sister hug a dolphin in Roatan on the left.  My sister gets a kiss on the right.

Jim crossing the finish line in the Houston Marathon where he was in the top third. It was his first - and last - marathon run!

Me in England mugging in front of the Royal guard.  He was on a Hanoverian.

Photos from our annual party (this one in 2005)
Some of Sonesta's students went with us to Roatan Island in the Carribean where I rode a nice black Peruvian Paso stallion.
Me, Kathleen & Jim on our trip to Wyoming.

Ellen Susman on her beautiful white mare, Zenya.  Doesn't she look just like The Last Unicorn - just missing the horn.

Jillian when she had the honor of sitting on Rhita McNair's famous Native Costume horse, Medeen, just after Rhita finished her class.


Photos from one of our trips rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  We did lots of side hikes through spectacular side canyons. 

Me on a pinto pony a million years ago. My mother says she had a dickens of a time convincing me to get off!

Sonesta Farms' folks at the annual S.I.R.E. charity trail ride in 2006 raising money for their therapeutic riding center.

Student Dana Magnusson and her family show their pride after Dana takes a championship at her first dressage show with her new horse, Brooke!

Daughter, Jillian, scuba diving in the Bay Islands. She is quite the fish.

All of Sonesta Farms turned out to watch BF Imperial Fyre ("Zeus") at his racing debut.  That's his owner, Rebecca Jacobs, in the middle picture wearing the blue coat and the big smile. What a blast.

Sonesta Farms' folks at S.I.R.E. Therapeutic riding center charity ride in 2007.  Great fun!

2008 Roatan trip with friend and Sonesta Farms' boarder, Rebecca Jacobs.  Once again, we got to ride some of Don Julio Galindo's top Peruvian Pasos!



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