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Horses 101

A Weekend Course to Learn the Basics of the Care and Riding of Horses

This 18-hour intensive course is taught over a two-day weekend and is geared towards the novice who wishes to have a horse or two on the property and would like to know how to properly house, care for and safely handle and ride the well-broke pleasure horse.

Over the past few years we have received numerous inquiries from people who do not have any interest in riding for show or to be involved in a regular ongoing lesson program. They tell us they have (or want to acquire) a horse or two to have on their property "for the grandkids to ride," or "to ride on the trails occasionally," or "just to have around for pleasure."  But they admit they know next to nothing about horses and their care.  These folks truly want to learn, but don't want to commit to a long-term process.

We are seeking to fill this void of education by offering this 18 hour course in basic horse care and handling.



The course will include:

  • the physical aspects of the horse, including conformation, care of feet and proper grooming;

  • the mental aspects of the horse including their instincts and safe handling techniques;

  • nutrition for the horse including the various grains and hays available as well as a discussion on supplements, plants that are poisonous to horses and the importance of good fresh water;

  • health aspects of the horse including how to recognize when there is a problem, when to call the vet, how to recognize and handle common illnesses and injuries & emergency treatment until the vet arrives;

  • housing of the horse including info on barns, stalls, fencing and pasture and manure management;

  • what to look for (and look out for) when buying a horse;

  • choosing, fitting and caring for tack (saddles, bridles, halters, etc);

  • safely riding a well-broke horse (including tacking up, mounting, steering, “go and whoa,” and how to handle the situation when things go wrong (bucking, rearing, running away, etc);  and

  • care of the horse after the ride.



While some of the topics will be lecture and demonstration, students will have lots of hands-on experience with several well-trained horses and will ride each day.

Course materials include plenty of handouts for future review and is quite extensive in its coverage of the care and management of the horse. However, the course should be considered only an introduction to the actual riding of a horse. At the end of the course, the student should have a good basic idea of riding a well-broke safe horse, but the student is encouraged to seek additional riding lessons to advance his/her knowledge, skills and comfort level.

Comments from our students about the course:

"To anyone considering taking the Sonesta Farms Course Horses 101: Don't hesitate. It's a wonderful experience that you won't regret. There is so much information to wade through on your own, it can be overwhelming. Having someone guide you who really knows horses and all the various aspects of their care is a real treasure.

I believe this class has educated me way beyond what I could have achieved on my own. Rebecca and all the lovely people who work with her seem to genuinely care about horses, not just making a buck. They have put together a program that will make anyone who takes the class a much better horseperson no matter which direction they take in their riding." -----Stephanie Morgan, League City, Texas

Cost of the 2 day course is $350 and is limited to 6 students per  weekend course.  You must pay a $100 deposit to enroll and hold a slot. See other payment options below.  In addition to Paypal, we accept personal check made payable to Sonesta Farms and mailed to us at 17302 Swansbury, Cypress, TX 77429 and we do offer Gift Certificates so that you can purchase the course for someone you know who would benefit from the knowledge.

Contact us to learn when the next course is scheduled.
We are happy to arrange special dates for any group of 3-6!

You MUST be enrolled at least 3 days before the class unless you make special arrangements.

Contact us for more information.

Payment Options

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