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Horse-Related Sites:

  • American Hanoverian Society - Official site for the American Hanoverian. Has info and sales lists for members. Has online stallion service auction every year. 

  • American Knabstrupper Association - Official North American registry for the Knabstrupper - the spotted warmblood that originated in Denmark.

  • Arabian Horse Association - A site dedicated to the promotion of the purebred Arabian horse. Sonesta Farms is proud to be an Arabian Discovery Farm for this fine organization.

  • Chronicle of the Horse - Web site for the main magazine of the sporthorse world. Has articles, classifieds and forums.

  • Classical Dressage with Syvia Loch - An exiting new website for the classical riding enthusiast. Read a little, chat a little and browse through an exiting range of books and videos brought to you by this wonderful International Teacher, Lecturer, trainer and Judge - Sylvia Loch is now online!

  • Cowman Farm - Boarding for hunters and jumpers. Located just north of Houston, Texas.

  • Cyberfoal - Wonderful site for breeders that keeps listings of colostrum and nurse mares available. If you are a breeder, start collecting colostrums and get listed on this site. You may save a foal’s life.

  • Dressage Unlimited - Wonderful site for all things dressage.   

  • Dressage World - Awesome, huge site with loads of info and links from all over the world.

  • Ebay Online Auction's Equestrian Equipment . The ultimate in online auctions for horse items. Don't get addicted!

  • Equine Law Offices of Rebecca S. Pennington Law office in Texas serving the needs of the equestrian community. Licensed in Texas and Colorado.

  • Equine Reproduction - Everything you ever needed to know about breeding horses. It is fascinating!

  • Equiworld Magazine is an awesome informational site with classifieds and message boards as well as good articles.

  • Fetus Development Timeline - You’ve got to see this! Wonderful timeline of a fetus from 9 days til 320 days.

  • Fugly Horse of the Day Blog - A must read.  No holds barred commentary on bad breeding practices.  The writer is merciless but on a mission to educate people about breeding quality instead of "fugly" horses.

  • Horse-Gate – a German site (with English translation) with wonderful bios and photos of the legendary German warmblood stallions and the hottest modern stallions. I must see if you are a breeder.

  • The Horseman's Advisor - Super forums in many catagories. Get information about most anything.

  • - A new directory of resources for equestrian enthusiasts in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Find information about horseback riding in Houston, boarding stables, breeding farms, vets, farriers horses for sale and more. This is a wonderful site!

  • Hummingbird Hill Stables - A first-class equine athlete rehabilitation facility in Southern California.

  • International Sporthorse Registry / Oldenburg. N.A. web site - Has all the rules and calendar of events/inspections.

  • Knabstrupperforenengin of Denmark – the Danish Knabstrupper Registry. Learn more about the gorgeous breed.

  • Last November Farm - Lovely breeding farm in Oklahoma.  I designed their website!

  • Macarn Farm - The very first breeders of Knabstrupper horses in North America!

  • Mane Events Productions - Full service marketing, promotion and event planning for the equestrian business community. Let us design you a website!

  • Meadowlake Farm - Another reputable breeder of Hanoverian horses in the U.S.

  • Mystic Owl Sporthorses - Breeder of nice sporthorses.  I designed their website!

  • Quailhollow Farm - Breeders of flat shod, natural gaited Tennessee Walking Horses for trail riding and competition. No big lick or soring techniques with this farm! And I designed their website.

  • Slyfield Farm - Training, instuction, sales and showing for hunters and show jumping. Located just north of Houston, Texas.

  • Smith Performance Horses - More breeders of nice Hanoverian sporthorses. I designed their site, too!

  • South Central Sporthorse Breeders Association.  Supporting breeders in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma

  • Texas Horseman's Directory. Just about everything you need to know about horses, stables, clubs, organizations and trainers in Texas.

  • World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses - The WBFSH is the major connection between the breeding organizations of sport horses and the international equestrian sport (FEI).

  • World Wide Warmbloods - Comprehensive web site about Warmblood horses. 



Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Sites:

Non-Horse Sites that are Interesting:

  • Altavista Translations - A great site for translating back & forth between the languages of English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian.

  • Cobra Printing - Specializing in top quality foil embossing on business cards and stationary.

  • - Literally thousands of free and shareware programs to download.

  • Gulf Coast Accusearch - Private detectives that specialize in background checks.  USE THEM:!

  • Kim Komando - Fabulous site for keeping your computer up and running.  Lots of great tips and help for all sorts of computer problems faced by the average user.  

  • Pet Pix Portrait Parties - Have a party for your friends and their pets and have their portraits professionally done as part of the party.

  • Shooting Sports & Training Centers of Texas - A great, family friendly shooting range in Cypress, TX.

  • Bravenet - Bravenet is a wonderful membership web site that will provide web masters with FREE goodies like Guestbooks, Counters, Classifieds, Billboards, etc. Check it out!

  • Life on the Oregon Trail - Interesting Article about transport and life on the old Oregon Trail.

  • Houston Polygraph Lab - Professional Polygraph Examinations for Law Enforcement and Civil Litigation


Aesthetech Dental Laboratory - True Artists in dental prosthetic design.

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